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No One Told Me -MK Mix.mp3
we could simply  add onto a website and see what happened, hence we set up this web site, the
wonderfully titled “Germ Transmissions” .

The first mission was to try and produce at least four tunes per month, which we pretty much did for the
First couple of years - However we began to find out that quality deserves time and since then we’ve scaled
back recording to four or five tunes per quarter. We meet up at Mike Kennedy’s Germ Lab Studio, which
is hidden away in the mountains of South East Wales.  For Those wishing to get a glimpse of the Germ Lab
You can click here to see one of our deliberately grainy videos: “So Much Has Changed”.  -  the subject
of which which was about a coming Economic Collapse - Which happened a few months later.  
Along the way some of our tunes have been played by Neil Crud , who produces the famous “Crudcast” internet radio show. The first
Tune played on the show was “Deadlands”, way back in 2005. Since then Neil has continued to play our compositions and lately
we’ve even done a couple of jingles which have been  used on the show.
So what does the future hold.? Well we’re going to keep the noise production going and continue our search
for that elusive top ten hit. (Yeah Right!)... In other words we’re going to keep on doing what we always do,
producing what comes naturally, throwing out the odd grainy video and working at our own peculiar pace.
Believe it or not we sometimes have musical droughts and other times an abundance of tunes. Most of
Which never get aired on this site - In other words we’ve got a fair backlog of tunes.  So if you’re a film maker
(professional or amateur) and you would like to use some original music in your project, then please get in
touch and we’ll be pleased to assist. We’ve also put together a couple of albums of our music - “The Germ
Mutates” & “Let’s Microchip The Children” - the title of which came from an article in one of the newspapers
about how most young people wouldn't object to having a microchip implanted which held their credit and
personal information. Maybe that’s what the future holds?.......................................................LG  January 2010.   
Dead Lands 2.mp3
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